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Honda Activa 6G

The Indian Honda Activa 6G is the latest iteration of Honda's renowned Activa scooter series, tailored specifically for the Indian market. It features a refined design with a sleek appearance and improved ergonomics for enhanced comfort. The Activa 6G is powered by an efficient BS6-compliant engine, offering improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. It comes equipped with advanced features such as an external fuel filler cap, telescopic front suspension, and Honda's Enhanced Smart Power (eSP) technology for smoother acceleration and better performance. With its reputation for reliability and practicality, the Activa 6G continues to be a popular choice among commuters and urban riders in India.

  • Latest Generation Design: The Activa 6G boasts a sleek design and improved comfort features tailored for the Indian market.
  • Efficient Performance: Powered by a BS6-compliant engine with Enhanced Smart Power technology for enhanced fuel efficiency and smoother acceleration.
  • Advanced Features: Equipped with conveniences like an external fuel filler cap and telescopic front suspension for a refined riding experience.

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